Our offers

Our services are adapted to your needs, to the audience of the document and to your budget.


Service performed by one translator specialized in the field and translating into his mothertongue.


Service requiring superior quality and thus including a review so that the content and form is in compliance with the source document. A second translator performs the review of the translation.


Service requiring 3 specialists : a translator, a reviewer and a Quality Control Manager. Ultimate verification made by a corrector who will scrutinize the translation, especially for high volumes.



You want to know what the document is about.




You want to circulate the document.




You want to publish the document (edition, printing or putting online).

Your project

Your translation project goes through 4 different steps:

Our commitment

Skill assessment and meeting deadlines

Expertise de l’ensemble de nos intervenants

At Y.A.N.A TRADUCTIONS, project managers and our network of translators are experienced and specialized.

Our translators :

  • Only translate towards their mother tongue and only in their specialization fields
  • Take an assessment test before working with us

Meeting deadlines

Our collaborators are committed to meeting the delivery deadline of your project, determined according to your requirements.

Our team

Our team consists of confirmed professionals with expertise in the areas of translation and mastering of foreign and regional languages.



You Are Not Alone

The name

You Are Not Alone Traductions. “Traductions” means translation in French. Combining two languages strikes the attention and touches more countries. It shows our abilities to manage different languages and underlines our internationality.

The world

You Are Not Alone Traductions. In that globalized world, you are not alone and your possibilities to exchange with foreign countries are endless…once we removed your barriers.

Your intermediary

You Are Not Alone Traductions is a translation agency at your service. As a matter of fact, we position ourselves as an intermediary between your company, institution or organization and its clients. You are not alone as we are your bridge across the language borders and your preferred partner for business abroad.


You Are Not Alone Traductions, the acronym Y.A.N.A. allows us to spotlight the country where our head office is located, Guyane also called colloquially YANA.


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